Chibi Kombat

The ultimate trading card game where you get paid to play

Chibi Kombat is a wargame and private collection of 8888 limited edition NFTs digital collectibles

We strive to create Chibi Kombat: online battle,
the finest play-to-earn competition with the
best rewards in the industry.

Our goal is to build Chibi Kombat as
the supreme NFT community for holders.

Chibi Warriors are out of control
and love to battle!
Players have access to a user-friendly game board
to play against each other in the PvP Arena!
Every minute, Chibi Kombat players can play against each other by spending SOL coins.
Every day, all players can join tournaments to win the Prize Pool.
Every Quarter, Chibi Kombat will host a huge tournament called the Main Event Battle.
Chibi Kombat will fund the
MEB tournament in SOL coins.
As the crypto space is evolving rapidly, Chibi Warriors forged in the Metaverse and living on the Solana blockchain are doing everything they can to find
their clan and go to war to get a piece of the newfound wealth.
After the carnage, which clan will gain control of the Metaverse?
There are 5 different Clans
represented by a specific animal
Each Clan are in competition with each other to win different lore and wars in the Metaverse.
Who will be the victorious Clan?
Generated at the time of mint, each Chibi Warriors has been auto generated from 100+ unique attributes.
Ranging from different facial expressions, weapons, shields, items, costumes, skin tones and backgrounds.
Key Features
Key Features
Battle Tournaments
Play against each other in the PvP Arena and win SOL/$CHIBI
Monthly Chest Reward
Every first of the month, Chibi Kombat Holders will be able to open the Chibi Chest and get a chance to win: $CHIBI, Free NFTs, SOL, and much more!
Advanced Chibinomics
All parts of the Chibi Ecosystem work together to benefit the Community Holders

Royalty Rewards
The community holders of
Chibi Kombat receive 50%
of the profit from the
secondary market sales and game transaction fees in royalties and recurring giveaways!
Hold one Chibi Warriors
Yield 8 $CHIBI coin per day
Judge & vote
Exclusive access and perks
with the metaverse
Building + Social Launch:

Dream Team of the best NFT minds assembled

Conceptualize art and complete art collection

Create social media accounts

Reveal some art of the collection

Open Discord to public
Prepare for Launch:

Build Chibi Kombat community

Share the roadmap through newly revealed website

Reveal Royalty Plan to the community

Generate 8888 Chibi Warriors NFTs

Create 8 custom 1/1 unique Unicorn NFTs
NFT Sales:

Share rarity and ability sheet

Early Bird Special I (75% OFF) - Release 100 Chibi Warriors

Early Bird Special II (50% OFF) - Release 400 Chibi Warriors

Presale (25% OFF) - Release 2000 Chibi Warriors - Date TBA

Official Launch - Release 6388 Chibi Warriors - Date TBA

Release "Chibi Hunting" Giveaway Contest

Secondary market promotion through collabs and contests

Announce and provide option to burn and trade for Chibi Kombat 2
Preparation of Chibi Kombat 2:

Conceptualize art for Chibi Kombat 2

Consider community suggestions

Generate new policy ID with Chibi Kombat 2

Introduction of Chibi Kombat 2:

Generate Chibi Kombat 2

Update website

Release Chibi Kombat 2
Future Goals:

Exclusive Royalty Share Holders Meeting


Announce Chibi Kombat online gaming via blockchain

Expand gaming development and 3D team

Beta testing available for holders before official launch

Potential Collaborations

Create merch

Develop VR Platform on the Metaverse Social & Gaming
Community comes first
Community comes first
8 Ultra Rare NFTs
There will be 8 ultra rare Unicorn NFTs in the collection. More details coming soon.

40% of all transactions will go back to the community in recurring giveaways and much more.

Passive Income NFT
10% of all transactions will go back to the holders to reward them for holding Chibi Warriors.

Chibi Kombat Games
We will create an exciting platform where other players in the community will be able to play and compete against each other.

Chibi Kombat Tournaments
We will host big Chibi Kombat tournaments with huge cash prizes to win SOL coins.

Meet the team

Meet the team


What is the Chibi Kombat?
When is the launch date for Chibi Kombat?
What will be the mint price?
What makes your project different/stand out from others?
What type of game will you provide?
What about funds from sale and royalties on secondary market?
Is there a bridge between the Metaverse and the real world?